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Thread: Bluetooth Keyboard/Trackball

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    Bluetooth Keyboard/Trackball

    Anyone know of a nice compact (for the car) bluetooth keyboard/mouse/etc combo device?

    Similar to this


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    Thats the best I have seen.. Here is a thread I made on a similar keyboard..
    IR PDA Keyboards?
    There is a link to another bluetooth keyboard (the only one I could find) but its only half a keyboard and I think you have to "shift" it to get the other half of the keyboard.

    As for now.. I am adding the keyboard you linked here to my list of things to get!

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    Yeah, this is definitly the keyboard for my car - already planning to incorporate Bluetoth so I can surf the net and check emails on the road via bluetoth and GPRS, according to the sizes when it is extended, it will fit nice and snuggly in my sunvisor - now it is just to find a decent bluetoth trackball and a big issue in my project is gone :-D


    P.S.And they even have resellers in europe to us that are located here, saw the prize is around 100 for the bluetoth version.

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