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Thread: lilliput interference?

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    lilliput interference?

    Just installed my new 8" lilliput for a 300 mile drive... (hello from paten, ME, who the hell'd a thought i'd find an open AP?)

    Anyway, we're currently running the PC off of an inverter, and i'm woundering if you guys might think it's the cause of this:

    (a blue/green band that sweeps from top to bottom every 3 seconds)
    Any thoughts? this persists even when the engine is off, so it does not appear to be engine/ignition related.

    and for frodo:
    car computer rev 5: 8" lilliput and usual suspects

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    Im having the same problem using an inverter. I ran an extension cord to my car and the banding went away.

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    "HUM Bar"

    The problem is the 60Hz output of the inverter getting into the video. It may be caused by a ground loop or the inverter output waveform.

    Try disconnecting the ground prong of the PC or monitor. If the PC is connected to the car ground in more that one place, ie video & audio grounds, try disconnecting one of the (sets of) grounds. The PC should only connect to ground at one point.

    Also try another inverter. Even if you are only drawing 100W you should be using an inverter rated at say 300W. The PC power supply and monitor supply both have a bad "power factor" which means they draw power at the front part of each cycle which really strains the inverter.

    Hope this helps,

    Best regards,


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