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Thread: 2 Input Devices - help!

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    2 Input Devices - help!

    Hi all,

    Just a quickie, can I use 2 input devices on my (in production) car pc?

    I would like to use a Zippy keyboard on the USB, but also a keypad.
    I'm not sure if the 2 can exist together.
    The main reason is I'd like to mount the keypad between my seat and the passenger seat for easy skipping of tracks, etc. But I'd like a full keyboard for things like GPS postcode entry, etc.

    Any thoughts?

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    im pretty sure they can. . .. i ve had 2 usb keyboards and 2 mouses working at the same time before. .. .one was corded and one was corldless (this was in my living room) but it should be just the same

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    It will work. I have a user here at work that needed a left hand side number pad because of a bad wrist. I added a stand alone USB keypad along with her USB keyboard and they work fine together.
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    Thanks for the help people.

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