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Thread: Motorized Door To Cover The Lilliput LCD

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    hmm. Just butchered an old creative CDrom. that was fun now i playing round with transistors etc and some stripboard and getting it to open when a line goes high.

    The m/s for the fully closed position was on the circut board, so i ripped that off and glued it to the frame. Just sorting out the way to use the least number of components to get the thing to close when the control line drops low.

    (Just had invisions of a LCD rising silently and vertically out above the air vents... .... Wonder how much space is in there....?)

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    Hey gang,

    First of all, Extreme, I think we have something in common, i'm workin with a 96 two door s10 blazer. Anyway here's what I was thinnking:

    I'm modifying my Xenarc mounting shroud into a motorized flip forward design with the the DVD drive and graphic fan display hidden behind (in the up position). Saying all that to say your idea has inspired me to also use a CD ROM drive motors to move my screen. The main difference is since mine won't come on with the car (i just want to use the push button from the CD ROM drive to lower the screen when I need to) I do not need it to be connected to the 12V constantly so my question is with all that in mind how do I connect the other three (not the red and white) wires??
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