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Thread: Possible to Convert PS/2 keyboard to USB?

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    Possible to Convert PS/2 keyboard to USB?

    I have this old PS/2 keyboard that I want to convert to USB. Can it be done?

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    well, you can get a PS/2 connector that is USB.

    most of the time, its a combo pack 2 PS/2 (keyboard and mouse) that you connect into USB - it was invented for laptop.

    but why do you want to convert it to usb?

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    I want to convert it because I have a usb hub in the front of my car. That way I won't have to extend the PS/2 cable all the way back to the trunk where the computer is.

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    many places sell PS/2 to USB converters. I got one at Rat Shack at one point.
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    Might be cheaper to get a USB keyboard in the first place ... depends on your keyboard I guess. Best Buy, Frys, CompUSA ... all the normal spots sell USB keyboards and/or USB->PS2 converters

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