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Thread: Keyboard and Bluetooth Dongle Firmware Update

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    Keyboard and Bluetooth Dongle Firmware Update

    i've read somewhere that if you update the BT dongle's firmware you can use keyboard outsite windows (ie bios setup)!!!
    But sometimes it can destroy the dongle!
    has anyone tried it??

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    Yes, long time ago. Now I Buyed a new one Keysonic 540 BT Mini Keyboard included a fingertip small one USB BT Dongle, but itīs not outside Windows. (BIOS) I know, that it is a CSR Bluetooth device, and maybe if I flash the CSR Bluetooth dongle, it works on both sides. (BIOS and Windows) But I donīt find some new CSR Firmware Upgrades. Normaly the BT Dongle need the specificateion Dual Mode HCI and HID...

    Let me know, if you find a solution ;-)

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