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Thread: Xenarc Touch screen Question.

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    Xenarc Touch screen Question.

    Hey everyone out there gots a little question !

    I just finished the Fabrication of my in-dash screen, took the xenarc completely apart and fabricated the front of the xenarc caseing into the dash (with the back and guts of the xenarc set aside)

    I have a to still paint the final color (I just finished primering) and put the xenarc togeather...

    My question is this: There's a speaker in the back of the xenarc will it power up if that speaker isn't connected ?? I was thinking about not re-installing that speaker.. But I'm not sure if there's some kind of "hardware" checking on the board that would notice that speaker isnt connected and cause it to not start up.
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    no it wont make a difference. I have mine out and it works fine.

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