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Thread: Keyboard required????

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    Keyboard required????

    I am remotely mounting my keyboard port under the dash so that i can plug in a keyboard when I need one, but I dont want to have to have one all of the time. I know that when I try to boot up the computer it wont start with out a keyboard pluged into it. Is there anyway around this or do I have to have a keyboard hooked up for the computer to boot??

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    Yes, in your bios, depending which MB u have

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    it is usually in the main bios screen, where you select the HDD and FDD parameters. Look for an option that says 'Halt on' with the default being 'all errors' (this may be very different depending on your motherboard/bios

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    if you want a keyboard that is off and on, i suggest to use a USB keyboard. most boards will now work when the ps/2 keyboard is plug in after windows is booted.

    and for your keyboard during boot problem, read zPilott post 2 post above mines. or get a wireless keyboard like what Enforcer said.

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