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Thread: Infrared webcam is too bright?

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    Infrared webcam is too bright?

    So I figured I'd get an infrared webcam for safety and fun in the car at night. Jumped on ebay and got one of these. It's been awhile since I was out of school, but I was under the impression that infrared was invisible to the human eye. so my question is this: the 6 so-called infrared LEDs that turn on automatically when it's dark are blindingly bright. It seems like they just threw in some white LEDs to function as a spotlight for the nightvision. this of course makes it useless in my car as I do not wish to blind the other vehicles or myself. I just wanted to post and let people know about this common cam I saw all over ebay, and also to confirm that infrared leds are not supposed to blind me and should be "invisible."

    (at least my girlfriend is happy about not having to worry whether the webcam is truly "off" hehe)
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    yes, infrared is invisible. If they told you it was infrared and it wasnt, get your money back.
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