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Thread: wake-on keyboard

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    wake-on keyboard

    If a keyboard does'nt have power, sleep, wake buttons, are there utility software that can use hotkeys for these functions, provided the motherboard supports it? But will the utility software in Win XP actually boot-up the PC with the hotkeys once the PC is off?

    I have EPIA MII-12000 m/b. I'm thinking that if i have keyboard that supports this then it is easy to boot-up and power-off PC in the car with keyboard?

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    I think wake just requires support in the BIOS. The hotkey to make it sleep would be really easy too. It would just be a RegisterHotKey() call and then SetSuspendState() or rebroadcast the sleep key on the message. I'm sure there's something out there. If not, I or someone else could whip one up.

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