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Thread: USB IR stick to COM port??

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    Quote Originally Posted by OdysseyPC
    You actually can, many IrDA devices are compatible with the 38-kbps ASK modulation used in TV remotes.

    ing provides many hits on controlling your PC via IRDA
    Few that I have seen.
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    frodobaggins is correct, you can't use an IrDA device for controling your pc, instead if the manufacturer is giving this ability with extra software (i don't any device with this capability). But in general if you search in the MSDN you will see that IrDA devices are only for data transfer and you can't use it for controlling.


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    In windows 98 you could do an IrDA to control the pc, but since Win2k they change the way the Windows are handling this device.

    It is better to get an ATI Remote Wonder II remote control or something like this PC Control from

    I was trying for many days to do an IrDA to work like a remote control, it cost me a lot of time (=money) instead of 50$ for a ready pc remote control!!!


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    I have a new question on the same topic. How would the USB reciever on one of these

    be different to that of a USB IR stick? Would I somehow be able to use the Streamzap drivers to interface with my current usb IR stick and say a learning remote?

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    Forget your current usb stick.

    Look on ebay for an InfraRed Recriever. Make sure it is not IRDA.

    If you are OK to have one in your serial port rather than USB, try google... they are incredibly easy to make yourself.

    For the actual virtual COM-Port, try (IrCOMM2k. Virtual Infrared COM Port for Windows 2000/XP)

    Hope this helps

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    Solution for the main question

    Quote Originally Posted by vxcarpc
    Hello. I was woindering if anyone could help.

    I have my car pc running Windows XP on a Epia 800 Motherboard. I have a small USB IR device from which I would liek to use to control my pc with. I have been reading about it and most people say that once you install the USB device you can configure it to be setup as a COM port. When in install my USB device is add's a new section under my device manager called USB devices not universal serial bus. I am unable to configure anything about it. I believe somehow I can setup a USB to serial bridge so that I can setup the USB IR device to be recognized on a COM port so that all the frontend programs will find it. I know the RS232 serial IR's work fine but I want to use a USB controller.. Can anyone tell me how i can do this please or link me to some software that will do this.

    thank you.

    Please let me know whatever result you get.

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    interesting stuff. I bought an IRDA dongle type thing for use with my cellphone to transfer pics and tones, etc. I'll see if I can find a way to use it with girder and a remote control.

    if you search for a LIRC IR Receiver, it's very easy to build ... you need to go to radio shack and buy a DB9 serial port + casing, a capacitor, resistor, and a voltage regulator, and an IR Eyeball... (i think that's it) it's real easy ... works with girder ... costs less than $10 ... though it does take up a serial port (and I'm not sure if you can use a serial to usb adapter with it..)

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    Bit of a bump on an old thread here but I thought it might be better than starting a new one..

    I was using a infrared reciver to download data from a electrical tester to my laptop for viewing.
    The IR reciver had a rs232 (com) pulg on the end of a cable which I simply plugged into my laptop.
    When i got a new laptop it didn't have a com port so I used a pcicia to com card to plug it in and this worked ok.
    I now have another new laptop and (having lost the pcimcia card) I just bought a usb infrared adaptor because the laptops built-in ir port wasnt assigned a com port number.
    When i plugged in the usb/ir adaptor xp found it and installed it ok but it's just come up in wireless devices and still no com port number.

    Having looked I have got a IrDA device (Sitecom), If I found a 'normal' IR reciver would that get given a com number?
    Or, has anybody found a way to assign a com number to a IR reciver?

    I don't want to control anything, only recive data.
    The problem is, when I run the program I want to use it just askes me to chose a com port and unless I have one I can't run it.
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