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Thread: Webcam?

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    Well I finaly got my webcam has good enough actualy see's UV unlike my broken digital cam...but its too slow....when I move it....the framerate doesn't keep up....its 30fps....but it still blurs when I move it fast.

    Anyone know a good webcam for a rear view?
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    I wouldn't go with a web cam for rear view.
    1- Slow.
    2- Wouldn't cut it under low light conditions.
    3- For best performance, you need CCD not CMOS based camera, only stand-alone true camera will have CDD.
    4- You have to have your carpc on before you can actually see the picture, that is any where from 45~90 sec of delay. Actually, you have to have a PC to use it.
    5- A dedicated camera is almost on all the time.

    There was an excel ant post here the other day that covered the subject, look around, it is helpful.

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    I dont move the car until I have music anyways lol.

    Thanks, I'll look up stuff.
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    Slow slow.... an USB2.0 webcam is perfectly suitable : 30fps @ 640*480 steady.

    CMOS sensor are well, crap... Cmos sensors. As KingTut said, CCD rules.

    Webcam have a narrow view angle, roughly 40. Saying the rear mirror is for exemple 5*21cm, the rear glas 1.6m*40cm, that gives a rough 20 view field. Simple geometry tells your rearcam shall be located between the front seats (for a small car).
    Real rear cams have a 120 view field.

    So, it seems an apple Isight is the way to go... except for the view field, drivers,$$$....

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    Why not just get one of those rca surveilance cams from frys? They have them for around $50. You can wire it into one of the inputs on your liili or whichever screen you have. Then with just the push of a button you have rearview cam. It doesnt need to be software based.
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