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Thread: 8" lilliput amperage

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    8" lilliput amperage

    What is the amperage of the 8" lilli touch? I want to power it from my psu along with my computer. The psu is rated at 250 watts. I think Ill be ok but just want to make sure.
    2.4 celeron
    150 watt OPUS
    micro atx
    xp pro
    tv/radio tuner card
    Dual monitor Radeon
    802.11G Mimo
    xm pcr
    8" Lilliput touch screen
    dual optimas
    battery isolator
    15" screen
    My Truck

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    Apparently the LinITX 8" used 10W max and the 7" is similar to the Lilliput and Xenarc at about 8-10W so i would say around the same. But i would estimate around 15W when you do your power budget calcs. I used to hate doing power and mass budgets in systems lectures but now doing a real system with real unknowns and tight margins it is really useful. Basically get a good estimate and then assign a % error. eg 50% for a totally new product, 5% for a mature product etc.

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