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Thread: COM bs2 help plz

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    COM bs2 help plz

    Ok here is my dilema, a stock vw headunit which needs to be tricked into the cd changer. Now i know of the blitz adapters and another piece that is made for the vw called the VWCDPIC. The code needed for the "lockpik" is readily available here and other places also.
    The code is written for a pic16f84 but my qustion is can i just send the code (with needed alterations) from my comp COM port to the apropriate pinouts on my headunit...and if this is possable what COM program would i use to send the data and what code alterations must be made..

    One other option i have is a Basic Stamp2 which is imbedid in a homework board if someone could just alter the code for me so it would work on a basic stamp instead of a pic16f84 i would be forever gratefull to you....

    All help is apreciated so anybody with some knowledge in this area plz hook it up

    Thank you,
    John drippy draws

    oh and a code sample i think anyway

    Edit code text file is for display

    code1 .txt is the actual code
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