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Thread: Voice Activation as an Input

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    Voice Activation as an Input

    I was thinking that I may want to give voice activation a go as a input solution for music in my car. I know the company Dragon make Voice activated software and there are many plugins for voice with programs like Winamp etc, but has anybody in here had experience with wireless mics or possibly bluetooth headsets or USB bluetooth recievers before? Is it possible to get 802.11 headsets that communicate to the pc via wireless protocol?

    Any ideas or information would be appreciated. I hope i'm not going over threads already covered.

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    Have u checked out navivoice? Install a good microphone in the lining of ur roof or visor and go from there.
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    Yeh, use NaviVoice. You can control Routis/iGuidance and when I get the damn SDK working under Delphi, Map Monkey (which you want). NaviVoice can enter text, and control Frodoplayer (working on Road Runner). If you have any questions, just post them in my forum

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