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Thread: Radiator and ATI9600Xt

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    Radiator and ATI9600Xt

    Ive got an ati 9600xt on my computer at home and im trying to get radiator or another embeddable program to work for me.
    i downloaded the drivers/update for ati card on thier site but it still doesnt work
    anyone have a similar problem/resolution?

    so far im in testing stages i obviously wouldnt get this card for my carpc but i was hoping for a way around this little annoyance
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    Has anyone been able to solve this problem? Will the ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 XT work with Radiator yet? It has the FM functionality that the Radiator website said it didn't (assuming they're talking about older versions of the All-In-Wonder that didn't have the FM tuner).

    I ordered one of those USB tuners from Singapore just now anyway, but in the meantime, it would still be nice to use all of the functionality of that one card, rather than apply even more power requirements to my carputer system.
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