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Thread: Virtual Laser Keyboard

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    Virtual Laser Keyboard

    How about one of these.

    Im sure they would go in the car and easily be mounted. I was thinking of putting it 2 project into a white board that will be under my seat and i will use to project on when needed. Which is most likely when playing game.

    So anybody tried this?

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    be prepared for ur fingers to hurt. it sounds cool and it works well, but actual keyboard keys have support for ur fingers that you take for granted. it's like slamming your fingers onto wood/plastic. it's not ergonomic, and it's not comfortable, and it will hurt.

    other than that, it's pretty geeky, and nifty, which means it gets a thumbs up from me regardless.

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    discussed here: Virtual Laser keyboard!!!!!

    but picture link broken

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    I have heard that it is not very good at recognizing what you have attempted to type.

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