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Thread: USB RF Remote

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    USB RF Remote

    I've been using a packard bell serial ir remote for years now in my car, which is currently torn apart but still usable. As I was trying to point the ir remote at where the ir receiver normal is (as opposed to where its curently dangling from), it struck me, why not move up to a rf remote? And a USB one at that as serial ports disapear from more and more computers. I've been using girder for years as well (igor56) for winamp and wmp, and I love how I can do anything with it, so a usb rf remote that worked with girder would be good. But then, if a rf remote came with quality software of its own, that wouldn't be a big deal either. Any suggestions?

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    There are only two RF remotes that I'm aware of that use USB: ATI's Remote Wonder series (there's three models) and the whole pack of wireless presentation remotes. The presetation remotes have a limited number of buttons but most can act as a mouse. The ATI remote is more like a universal remote which is probably more of what you're after. Can't help you with regards to its software but maybe someone else in the forums has had more experience.

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