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Thread: Intec 5.4 screen

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    Intec 5.4 screen

    im new and need to know how to make it the screen for my computer in my car

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    Do you actually expect this to be answered. Well here is a free bump

    Go post in the Newbie forum and for god sakes post a link or some information or an actual question.
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    let me see if i can help you out you can use a composite or s-video out put on yout card to output put the quality will suffer greatly or you can mod if to vga you will have to do a search on that one as i also have that screen but i havn't had a chance to mod it yeat so i am unsure if it will work

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    Hold on! How is a screen an INPUT DEVICE? I'm lost!

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    Not only that, but this intec 5.4 screen SUCKS!! Quality is very bad, ghosts like there's no tomorrow, horrible. Get a real screen buddy, I'll buy your intec for a projector project of mine. (projector project has already ate 3 of my 5" screens, now I just use the crappy screens)

    Try RevFE
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