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Thread: Logitech "noise-cancelling" microphone

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    and in case anyone is wondering, in the testing i did at my desk, that labtec mic seemed no different from the logitech one in speech recognition... and it's hard to beat $3!

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    yep and I cant believe shipping was so cheap, now a days every eBayer has outragous shipping prices

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    Thank U evandudue for the link

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    Hands Free Noise Cancelling Microphone

    Hello all...

    1st post here!

    I'm looking for a good noise cancelling mic for my Pioneer DEH-9800BT stereo for the built in hands free car kit. The mic Pioneer gives you is a POC! They even admit it's junk and no way is it noise cancelling whatsoever. The biggest issue is the echo. The darn thing is picking up the other side of the conversation and sending it right back down the pipe and they get confused when they hear themselves talking. Go figure??

    Well, I have searched the web for days and I cannot seeem to find one. Any one have any suggestions?

    Also, it has a sub mini mono plug on it.

    Thanks for any help here and looks like a great site you have here!

    Thanks again!


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