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Thread: 1.5 din - VGA touchscreen and radio??

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    1.5 din - VGA touchscreen and radio??

    Before I get flamed to and fro... I have been googlin' and searching and really haven't found this combo...

    I'm trying to track down a 1.5 din unit that has normal radio functions but also has a VGA touchscreen. I've found just TFT monitors and radios, but non that have the VGA, and non that are touchscreen.

    Am I looking in the wrong places? Has anyone seen/heard of this?

    Kinda like this (but maybe a bit nicer looking):
    Motorized Lilliput VGA TS with TV and Radio etc



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    There is no such animal. That could be the reason you've searched and Googled and came up with butkus.
    Right now, the best you can do is a single-DIN pull-out (motorized or non) unit that has all the features you want.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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