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Thread: Audiovox NPSWR steering wheel remote

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    Audiovox NPSWR steering wheel remote

    I don't know if this is new or what... kinda pricey at around $50+ and I'd like to see a side view with a better look at the buttons, but wow... looks like a competitor to the Blaupunkt remotes.

    Anyone seen this / have this yet?

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    Looks nice. I'm looking for a steering wheel remote and so far this and the Blaunkpunt RC-10 are the only ones I've seen.
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    That looks sweet. Is it possible to control a car pc with it? If so $50 sounds cheap for such a nifty looking bit of kit...

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    Any new info on this thing? IR? RF? anything?
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    Most of these are IR. I had one for my AIWA head unit a couple years ago. You could mount an IR reciever on the dash and use it with something like GIRD (I think it's called GIRD.)

    I love this idea, I might have to find one on ebay to play with.

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    are you thinking of girder?

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    If these are IR, all you need is to make one of these: I just made one for my Mythbox, and it works great.

    I would prefer some way to have it wired, though. I think that would be more reliable. I saw somewhere that someone hacked up his OEM steering wheel controls to use a game port interface. I wonder if this would be possible to do that with an aftermarket controller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuckie
    are you thinking of girder?
    Yeah, that's it

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