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Thread: Software based tivo like function for radio

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    Software based tivo like function for radio

    I have been bumming around for a couple days thinking about putting two FM recievers in my carputer and writing software to control each reciever and make its output save to an OGG file or something. The eventuall result being the software determines when a chunk of media begins or ends (be it comercial or song or whatever) and switches off between the two FM capture cards in order to make a nonstop flow of comercial free music (an algorithm or user input or something determines what a comercial sounds like).

    So, before I start wasting time into coding an app like this, does anybody know if a similar app exsists? Or something close thats OSS that I could work off of?

    In any case if I start working on this it will be programmed in VB.NET and be integratable with centerfuse. In the new version of centerfuse.

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    Check out radio wizard.
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