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Thread: Non-touch screen user please recommend frontend software...

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    Non-touch screen user please recommend frontend software...

    i use psone moded lcd.
    i planned to use mini keyboard only.which program can explore through
    my media folder and easily create playlist with up-down-left-right etc. key on
    the keyboard.
    -No one talk about car pc here ! Bangkok,Thailand.

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    Umm... MediaPortal and MCE2005 can run without a mouse/touchscreen but you will loose a little funtionality... ie right clicking and editting info and such.

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    i like the nstant media from nvidia. but is kinda buggy, the software cant handle with more than 1000 mp3´s, when i put all my 8000 on a single playlist, he locks and is nothing more to do, unless restart the software

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