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Thread: Power Mate Volume Control Install!

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    Power Mate Volume Control Install!

    Now this is probably the best thing I've ever done to a car! It's a Griffen PowerMate which is basically just a nice big volume knob off a stereo only this one is USB. Turn for volume, push to mute/unmute. It's right where I can reach it with my right hand. So simple! I love it! The only bad this is the darn things costs $50!!!

    Larger Version (1,059 KB)

    Larger Version (1,108 KB)

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    did you know that if you search for powermate at this very moment, it returns 308 results?

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    Quote Originally Posted by silencery
    did you know that if you search for powermate at this very moment, it returns 308 results?

    Maybe he is showing off his install. Ya, he should have done it in the show off your project forum, but give him the benefit of the doubt, He is not a BRAND NEW NOOB.

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    Well, it's not really showing off my ride, it's more showing off my control device. But I figure if I post to the wrong area, moderators will move it for me.

    As for it being posted a million times, this makes 1 million and 1. It's not like it's a bad thing.

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    Now you need to fabricate a recess in your center console for it. That's what I'm working on, in almost the exact spot you have yours, so it will sit with the botton 1/3 recessed below the surface. Then it will stay where it's supposed to when on the road, the wire will be hidden, and it will look more integrated.
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    Ive got a powermate and I love it. Are you running it through a USB hub? many people around here have reported problems with powermates and hubs
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    I'm running mine off a powered USB Hub. The hub I have runs off 5v so I ran 5v power from the computer to the hub along with the usb wire.

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    my powermate is run through a non powered usb hub, no problems here
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    "Power is being supplied by an Optima Yellow Top Deep Cycle Battery which is connected to the car's main power by an 80Amp relay which engages when the car is on and disconnects when the car is off. This allows my carpc to run off the second battery while the car is turned off!"

    ..from your site.

    this is excelent solution! i will do the same thing!

    and now one question
    There arent problem when your using both powersuplies when car is off? enought power?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fromplanetbob
    The only bad this is the darn things costs $50!!!

    Amazon has it for 36.99 with Free Shipping right! Sounds like a pretty good buy to me....

    Powermate @ Amazon
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