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Thread: Touchscreen + USB adapter = no shutdown standby hibernate restart ...nothing

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    Touchscreen + USB adapter = no shutdown standby hibernate restart ...nothing

    I just tried upgrading my carputer to a laptop install. Problem is, my laptop does not have a serial port (I have the old Xenarc). So I purchased a USB -> Serial adapter. I tried using a Belkin first that caused the computer to blue screen. I then got a Keyspan adapter which works great. But, now the computer cannot hibernate, standby, restart, or even shutdown!!

    When I try to do anything like shutting windows down, the computer freezes. It freezes after all those loggin off messages (windows xp) right at the point where the computer would normally shut off/restart.

    So here's where I'm at. I have no problems if I uninstall the touch screen controller device using the USB adapter and THEN restart. If I hotswap/unplug the USB adapter while the controller is enabled the computer freezes.

    I believe that during shutdown it is stopping the usb device while the touch driver is still active and causes the computer to lock up. It's really ****ing me off. I've tried upgrading drivers for both the USB -> serial adapter AND the touch screen controller. NOTHING. Still freezes. It's very upsetting.

    Any ideas?? Maybe I'll have to try a 3rd USB -> serial adapter?

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    Serial converter

    How did you go with this problem? I have just struck it with a targus converter that wont talk to the computer even thogh the lights are flashing both ways on the coverter.


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    Try going ahead and install it and then when you need to dismount it use the "Safely remove" option...

    That should work.

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