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Thread: Serial->PS/2 touchpad dont work after hibernation

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    Serial->PS/2 touchpad dont work after hibernation

    I have a serial Fellowes Internet Touchpad that is used through a serial to PS/2 adapter on my truckPC. But everytime i come out of hibernation, the touchpad doesnt work anymore. It only works after a restart. Does anyone know what could be the problem?

    I have a Delorme usb GPS that is using the serial emulations driver thingy (whatever you call that driver) if this helps you help me. Thanks

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    could be a conflicting driver on your system, make sure you have correct/current driver installed for your touchpad, and if you have any other mouse or touchpad drivers uninstall them.

    I had the same problem with a laptop touchpad, and the problem ended up being i had additional mouse drivers installed that were conflicting somehow. after I uninstalled them, my touchpad started working after resuming from hibernation.

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    it might be due to the PS/2 system itself. I have done some work with PS/2 devices on a hardware level... PS/2 mice are not designed to function without being initialized by the system, and it's not really set up so that the computer can realize when a mouse is plugged in. so sometimes if you plug in a PS/2 mouse while the computer is running, it will work, and sometimes it won't. (and if you restart, it gets initialized again, and works fine) I had a project where i was interfacing with a PS/2 mouse and I found that if i connected the mouse AFTER powering up the board (initialization sequence already took place) then it wouldn't work. if you can't solve the problem by messing with drivers, then perhaps you should look into a USB device instead, because PS/2 really isn't that robust.
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    This worked fine before i had to reformat the PC though....some kind of driver issue.

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