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Thread: on screen keyboard options

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    on screen keyboard options

    i am in need of an on screen keyboard... i'm using windows media center edition, got a touch screen.

    the built in windows keyboard is too tiny, and doesn't resize. i need to enter data in media center edition and my GPS.

    yes i have a keyboard, but on screen makes much more sense because usually i only need to type 3 characters (like first 3 letters of artists name), and one keyboard between my wife and I doesn't cut it. really should be on screen. should pop up when you have highlighted a input box, just like windows pocket pc does.

    i found lots of on screen keyboard that are *hundreds* of dollars! for stupid software. they are ripping off the disabled. anyway, don't think its worth paying that much for.

    any on screen keyboard options that are cheap or free?

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    Here you go...

    virtual Keyboard 1.0

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    doesn't exist

    the software at that link doesn't exist anymore, anyone know where i can find it?


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    this is good

    this is good, works well

    needs tweakage though - who wrote it?

    the icon needs to be pressed really quickly or it doesn't respond, instead it slides around attached to your finger. :/

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    might need to adjust your tuoch screen settings

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    I have yet to find the perfect osk, but this is the one I am using for now as it is the best I have seen by far:

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    frigor's 640x480 progress

    Check post #56

    Problem with that one is:

    No skinnable
    It looks like it locks the APPS (like in CarWeb it take the main buttons up)
    You have the Damn thing everywhere (even where is no text boxes)

    RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

    Nissan Aux-in MOD

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