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Thread: USB Hibernation Blues

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    USB Hibernation Blues's something I was just reading on PC World's website...I've noticed lots of people shun "Hibernation" cuz they have a hard time getting their USB devices to work again after they start back up...

    and now...THE FIX! (apologies to PC World for the quote)

    Hibernation Blues

    The Hassle: When my system comes back from hibernation or standby mode, some of my USB devices just keep on dozing.

    The Fix: That happens because Windows XP wants to conserve power, so it turns off the USB root hubs. You can change the default setting: Open Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance (if in Category view), System, Hardware, Device Manager, and click Universal Serial Bus controllers. Double-click USB Root Hub, choose the Power Management tab, and then uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Repeat this procedure with each occurrence of a USB root hub. On a notebook, this trick will cost you some battery life.

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    Haven't had this problem as yet, but will keep it in my memory bank.

    Thanks for the tip.

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    thank you so much for this,
    this has been a plague on my life for the past year or so
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    On the devices I have had this problem with, that did not fix it.

    My solution is find another device.
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    hmm haven't had this problem yet either and it would keep my laptop auto power-on module from functioning correctly.... lol but good info USB power off in hibernation is my friend...

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