Nice Forums, I came upon this while googling my question about my car...

Anyway my question was... (i hope this was ok to ask in this forum and if it was the correct one.. i actually posted thsi oncei ncar audio... and i found the right forum just now.. if a mod sees the other thread he/she may delete it)..

Can anyone tell me what type of audio input a 92 Acura Legend (w/Bose system) has...

I recently came upon this site:

And I was like ooo neat... so I wanted to possibly make a docking station for my PDA so I could play MP3's with some quality... and I figured it could not be that hard.

If anyone can offer me any information on what kind of input it has so i can buy the adapter or any other advice about what I would like to do... like if i could use the fact that my car is CD Changer ready... to my advantage or not... or if I would need some sort of Y-adapter for the input on my car stereo so that I could even plug one of those adapters in...

Or if anyone even knows of a better type of adapter I could use because I do realize those are RCA ends and not a 1/8" connector (but I do have an RCA-to-1/8" sound cable so I figured I wouldnt bother search otherwise)

If theres tips of any other way of doing this that does not require splicing or soldering wires (or creating a hug gaping hole in my console) then help me out here!

At the same time I would also want a cheap route... somethig nunder $50 that still sounds really nice!