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    plug it in

    with my mates carputer installation he kept showing off his carPC wenever we went out.. and he didnt always have his car running.. ofcourse a flat battery is the result of pumping tunes for an hour.. so we decided to design a mechanism to allow for plug+play power..
    We bought a simple battery charger which we put in the boot.. we let the plugs to the front battery and set it all up nicely.. we attached an extension cable to the charger and fed the cable to just hang through the bottom of the boot. (through a hole) outside and cable tied to to the towball.. out of sight of the unknown. now wenever he's at home or at someones house all we do is hook it up and we can play for hours in the car watching movies not worry bout power
    smart idea in my opinion

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    good idea.. but if you're at someone else's home, why are you still hanging out in the car??

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    This thread should have been added to the "you know your addicted to carputers when....."
    Um, I guess this is where you put something witty.WITTY

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