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Thread: Microphone review. Might be a good choice for in car.

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    Microphone review. Might be a good choice for in car.

    Here is a review of the Andrea SuperBeam Microphone. Seems to be a bit on the expensive side (about $90) but it seems to take a lot of the background noise out. Read and post your comments. Enjoy!!!
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    ah... I thought it was awesome.. then I thohgt $30... AHHHH $90! It's probably worth it and it sounds like something regular MIC's need, since I practically kiss my microphone (hehe).... looks cool and seems worth it for people who like to hear their pretty voices accuratly.

    For in car, it seems very good. I myself am looking at mics, althought I'm not paying that much, it wouldn't be bad for GPS, or def Cell Phone integrationss

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