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Thread: SWI-X Quest...Will it accept IR Steering Wheel remote codes?

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    SWI-X Quest...Will it accept IR Steering Wheel remote codes?

    Okay, I've got a 1998 Lexus ES300 that does not have factory steering wheel controls.

    The only company that produces a decent looking and operational aftermarket steering wheel remote is Pioneer. Now, the twist in all of this is that I have a Panasonic in-dash radio.

    I wonder if the SWI-X input leads can be connected to a Serial IR Receiver and if the SWI-X will actually accept the signal inputs from the IR Receiver. Then, I'm assuming if the unit will accept the signal input from an IR Receiver, then I can program it to output the remote functions to my Panasonic head unit.

    Can someone confirm this for me? Also, do I have to do anything other then create a direct connection from the serial end of the IR Receiver and the input leads of the SWI-X?

    Someone help, thanks!


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    Not sure about this, but a guy @ the audio place arround here said the SWI-X only emulated certain remotes properly. There's another brand, but I forget what it is, and they were oos when I was there...I'll try and post when I get a chance to pick mine up.

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