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Thread: Another Joystick to Mouse Proggy, Give It A Shot

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    Another Joystick to Mouse Proggy, Give It A Shot

    I broke my touch panel for my touch screen, and I really wanted to finish my car pc install, so a good option for me was to use a joystick for a mouse ect. I wanted to use a ps2 controller, so I got a USB adapter for it. After getting that working, I attempted to assign the thumbstick on the right to control the mouse, which makes senxe as I was going to be holding it with my right hand. Well, then I ran into a problem. The thumb pad has 2 assigned axis' : the Z rotational and the Z. In Joy to Mouse 3 I couldnt get this working properly. I tried a handful more of proggies and then I found Mouse On A Stick! . Its a very simple program, which just had the options I was looking for. Heres its webpage, and its download.

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    If I read that correctly, how do you find using a PS2 controller for your mouse? I was looking at a keyb+mouse/joypad, but a small keyb and seperate controller might be a good alternative.

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    I can't help you there, sorry. I don't have any ps2 controllers to test out. An email to its designer may help, other than that, Im out of ideas. Can anyone help us out?

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    Nice, I will be testing this out. I have been thinking about attacking a PS2 controller with a saw and bondo to make it fit into the arm on a car. Sort of like what the airplanes have now.
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    Why oh why can people who make this software not add the one feature that would make the most sense.

    Proportional mouse speed. You move the joystick to the right a little bit the mouse move slowly to the right. You move it all the way right and it moves it alot faster to the right.

    That app dose have alot of features that others don't though I will give it that.

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