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Thread: PDA Mini Keyboard

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    PDA Mini Keyboard

    I got ahold of a folding mini keyboard from a friend but it went to a pda that was destroyed to say the least.The connector on it looks like that of a headphone.i striped the insulation off and I found that it is EXACTLY like a headphone,a red and a a white wire with stranded bare wire around it.Ive bveen researching to try and find a way to make this work with a computer!Am I looking for a means to no end or is it possible?Any help would be appreciated!

    ~Thanx Brian

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    Not really worth the hassle, IMO, when you can buy a USB folding keyboard off ebay for ~$20.

    The PDA keyboard is most likely serial based. You'll need drivers for it (you most likely would need to write them yourself), and may need a voltage level shifter to convert the levels it uses to RS-232C levels.

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