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Thread: USB Hardrive

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    USB Hardrive

    I went to the story looking for a new radio for a car I just bought and i noticed that some radios had a SD Memory card Slot and a USB slot, I have a portable MP3 Player with a USB as a connection and to my surprize it worked. I was wondering if anybody had tried hooking up a hardrive through the same USB connection. That way all i would have to install is a hardrive mount and a power connection.

    Could Anybody give me some advice. Or has anybody tride this out?

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    all the mp3 player is, is basically a small hard disk, so yes, plug a usb HDD in (with NO O.S.), just format it and upload your mp3's, and voila!

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    actually those HU are only to support fat16 drives. If your mp3 player was greater than 2gigs then it can support fat32
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