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Thread: NuLOOQ Navigator and tooldial for Mac

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    NuLOOQ Navigator and tooldial for Mac

    Coming soon to a Mac near you, but eventually for PC users as well...

    The NuLOOQ Navigator ($150) is intended for use with Adobe software, but could be used with its popup UI as a front end for a carputer as well.

    The top is touch-sensitive for sliding and tapping, rather like the iPod's ring, and you can assign at least three of the five virtual buttons. The gray band around the side is a wheel you can twist and also nudge up or down, so the ring alone may be the equivalent of Griffin's PowerMate.

    It also has a round UI menu called a tooldial that you can customize with 8 commands, and control with the mouse or the Navigator. If you click and hold on one of the 8 slices you get another tooldial, for a maximum of 72 commands.

    It is similar in some ways to a PowerMate ($45), but has a touchpad rather than a single button, and has the popup 'pizza' menu. The menu software is available separately, but I don't know if it will work with the PowerMate.

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    This would be a very nice addition to my home pc set up. In the car it dosn't look like it would have a ton of uses. Now if they made the pad thing on top flat so you could use it as a mouse + the buttons + the wheel + the nudging well then thats a product.

    I'm afriad at $150 though its not realy at the top of my list. Seems like this should be maby $80 at most.


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