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Thread: touchscreen problem drives me nuts ! plz help

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    touchscreen problem drives me nuts ! plz help


    I recently bought a Gain 700TSV touchscreen from There was a cd in the package with the Touchkit drivers v3.2.4. I installed those on my compal cl50 laptop (intel centrino chipset - allways been very reliable) running winXP SP2.

    Ok, after this, touckscreen worked nice and no problems occured, then after one day with fun and entertainment in my car, I tried letting the laptop go into standby and found out that the touchkit drivers was preventing the comp from letting it do that. I went on this forum and found out the solution was to update the drivers and now the problems started....

    I uninstalled the v.3.2.4 touchkit drivers and tried installing v4.0.2.1929 drivers, went ok, but when i tried doing the 4-point calibration in the touchkit program it went all wacky, the x's went green before I touched them and hang before I could finish it.

    I've tried literaly everything after this. Installing v4.3beta drivers and v3.4 drivers with same problem or sometimes wont recognize usb touchscreen.

    I've searched the forum and still can't find a working solution for my problem. I tried systemrestore several times going back to my old touckit v.3.2.4 drivers, when I do this calibration goes ok and touchscreen works fine for like 20 minutes including system restarts etc. then it goes all wacky again and when I touch the screen the pointer is way out of control and calibration utility thinks I touch the screen when I don't or something.

    I don't think it's hardware related either since it worked all nice the first time a whole day, and I haven't done anything that could affect the hardware after that.

    What is the solution for this??! How do I make my touchscreen run stable, and prefably with some drivers that would let laptop go to standby.

    I spent way to many hours on this problem now and carputer project is all down because of this, plz somebody help me out here. Most be others here who had similar problems ?

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    I'm having the same problem with my Tview. Sporadic but consistent (if that makes any sense)

    Overnight or while I'm at work during the day, my PC seems to "forget" about the TS drivers.

    When I leave for work in the morning or for home at night, I have to wait about 7-10 minutes before the drivers "catch up." I can see that touchmon is not loading in the system tray. I've tried putting it in the startup (msconfig) with nothing else checked. Still the same problem...

    If I touch the screen, the mouse looks like it comes up from the lower left corner (like stretching a rubber band) , and then when I release, it snaps back. It must be clicking because 2 secs later I'll get the right-click menu for the taskbar.

    I still have the keyboard in the car, just because of this and I'll have to esc everytime the shortcut menu comes up.

    It doesn't matter if I reboot a million times. It won't recognize the drivers, until it feels like it. Same as you with trying calibration (esc on the KB or right-click on a mouse will get you out of that whitescreen).

    Once its ready, I have no problems, I can reboot, cold start, etc. until its left for a long period of time (overnight, @work)

    I've tried all of the drivers I can find, with no luck still.

    Glad (but not really) that someone else is having this problem.

    I'm wondering if there is a program that you can control what drivers/services load first??

    Oh yeah, XP SP1, Dell Dimension 8100 p4 1.3 128rdram (also wondering if it might be lack of ram)

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    Well some symptoms seems to be the same I had with my touchscreen. But some don't On my ts the drivers did load, but the calibration was messed up to either vertical or horizontal direction. After recalibration it worked fine. Also I could suddenly hear the sound Windows makes when USB devices are connected or disconnected. After those sounds I'd know that TS wouldn't work.

    To keep long story short - my problem was the USB cable. I replaced mine with direct usb cable straight from the touchscreen controller pcb. My screen was 7" Lilliput 619 with screw type connector.

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    I've take my monitor out of the car yesterday to try fit it a second time in my benzel. The most obivous soloution to my problem seems to try fitting the touchpanel a little different, since it seems like the fram is touching the screen and therefore the most keeps moving to the bottom left all the time. I will post a feedback if this is the solution.

    I don't have the recognasion problems you describe philly,yet..! hehe, but seems like a bad connection on the usb controller inside the screen or something, there are some threads on this forum about it.

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    I'll check my controller because I did have the housing open when I first tried to fab the monitor in the dash (what a nightmare), and then when I put it back together, it was a tight squeeze.

    I'll report back with any interesting findings.

    diskey-good luck w/ your setup

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    found out that my problem was because of problems with fitment on bezel, the screens fasten brackets were screwed too thight. I've used touchkit v4.0.19x
    for three days now without any problems.

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