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Thread: Nice input device

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    Nice input device

    Just thought I would let everyone know about a new product that may have some great applications. It is a usb device that basically turns buttons into a keyboard and/or joystick. Check it out here: I was thinking you could have push buttons for volume control or mp3 and video controls. Definitely worth checking out. I got a demo board for testing and it worked very well. One of the key features is that you can use it on any platform. That means mac users like me can use it the same as windows or *nix people.
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    Dude..that's nice. I'm definitely going to see if I can work that into my budget. That thing could be used for all sorts of car status integration too.

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    i have something similar for my application, it is called the ipac2 keyboard emulator. works well, though i havent used it in the setup yet
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    No outputs yet!

    Given some misunderstanding we wanted to clarify something. While there are 35 general-purpose inputs on the AfterBurner, there are no outputs at this time. We had listed 35 I/O's, as we use an I/O chip, but all pins are set to input. We are considering production of a different model which would allow simultaneous inputs and outputs as well as arbitrary messages displayed on the LCD.

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