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Thread: TM-868 Questions

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    TM-868 Questions

    Hello all,
    I'm new here, but this looks like a good place to ask a question, so here goes:

    I'm thinking to get a TM-868 touchscreen for a home entertainment project, but solid information about the panel is hard to find on the web.

    1) Is it a reasonable entry-level panel, or are there better choices for cheaper?

    2) Most of the pictures show a little pen widget. Do you have to use it, or can the touch screen sense fingers too?

    3) Any issues to be aware of with trying to use this with a Linux PC?

    4) Does anybody use the IR remote, and if so, how does it interface with the system?

    5) Where's the best place to buy this panel? Still yuki668 on ebay?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you read this? I just did, and answered many questions on this specific monitor...
    AV-4U tm 868
    From what I know
    1-Seems like it's also going to be my first LCD.
    2-I doubt it
    3 & 4-Can't help you. Sorry.
    5-Or vendor aspiresales.
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    dont get it!!! i have it.

    The resolution is only 640x480, if you go any higher the picture gets fuzzy and you can't read the test (it cuts out pixle lines) Look for a native 600x800 monitor or one that says it supports higher resolutions. I am stuck with useing MediaCar right now on my system becouse of that problem. I noticed your posted becouse i am looking around for a new monitor and i found one that ends today...

    that one looks good for the price
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    I own the same monitor and I can attest to the fact that its not the greatest for high res, but if your always in your front end its managable. If you can find a better res monitor for the money go for it, and let us know the results.

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