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Thread: Touchscreen in multi monitor setup?

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    Touchscreen in multi monitor setup?

    Please forgive the non-car question, but I figure you guys know these touchscreens more than anyone else.

    I currently have a three monitor setup. It's time for new hardware though and the new video card will support four. I'm thinking of a 7" Lilliput touchscreen for the fourth. I'm imagining using it for Yahoo! Widgets. I could just touch a button on the monitor to pause iTunes, mute the sound, lock the workstation, etc.

    Will it work like this? Will the mouse driver from the touchscreen like being the fourth monitor? Will I be able to just touch to click? Will it screw up using the mouse on the other three?

    Thanks. Great site, I remember when MP3Car was just a collection of reviews on CD Players that played MP3 CDs! It was great even back then, I used the reviews to buy a car stereo before all these MP3 players came out.


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    It'll work alright, but it will move the mouse pointer over to that screen, so you'll need to make it a middle monitor or something and keep track of what screen goes where. You can have as many pointing devices on a system as you want at the same time, but you only get one pointer to RULE THEM ALL.

    Okay, that was stupid, but i never got a chance to use that when it was cool

    lock the workstation thoguh? I have widgets, but not that widget
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    That's an easy thing to do. You just have to activate the multi-monitor support in the touchscreen drivers (at least the Lilliput drivers support it).

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    great, thanks guys!

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