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    Smile Keypad install

    Is anyone mounting keypads like the Nostromo or Saitek Commander in their vehicles? I think that would be convenient to have a setup like that, but being that their left handed only makes mounting locations more difficult.

    I've searched around, but I haven't seen any post or pictures of people doing this. Wondered if it maybe more trouble than its worth.

    Any input appreciated.

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    I was planning on installing a keypad but I tossed that idea in favor of the ultra compact bluetooth keyboards. I am planning on installing a trackpad though for some quick mouse movments for small objects that can't be reached with a touchscreen.
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    At this point if I put in a keypad it would be more for looks than functionality. I have a Firefly remote hooked up through Girder. I only use a few buttons on the remote. So a keypad would be mostly just a interesting item to have mounted in there. Still kicking the idea around though..

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