Ok. I have found the perfect mouse to use for my volume control and it has 3 buttons that I can use for whatever else I want. I want to hook it up to the steering wheel cruise joystick.

But the joystick wire patern is kinda strange looking. And I'm just not smart enough to figure it out. Here are two photos I've taken, you should be able to see the wires just fine.

First comes the mouse. As you can see, the 4 solder points at the top right corner is button 2 and 3. The opposite side there is 2 solder points and that is button 1. The three solder points under that is the rotary switch that is going to be cut off and soldered to a cheap usb cable to hook up to my own rotary volume control. Its going to look sick!

Next is the Cruise Joystick. The two solder points on each side counting up to 4, looks like a isolator. Just so the power wont go reverse from that. the two solder points on the bottom right corner is the two wires going to the plug.

How the hell am I going to pull this off... It would be easy if I just redrill and solder in 6 wires instead... but I dont want to do that, it would be easy, but at the same hard and risky.

What I plan on using these buttons for, is Button1= Next, button 2=previous, and button 3= play/pause.