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Thread: Got a free touch panel

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    Got a free touch panel

    Hey guys I just scored a free touch panel, from ------ just told them that I needed a touch panel for testing, and he said we have one in stock with that model number I will ship it out today. I asked if I had to pay anything but nothing free shipping and part. He told me that it would have been $80 shipped but he had stock of it. I am hoping that this touch has better clarity than my Dynamix 706 7" Ultra-Bright did, it works good but glare, I think this touch should be better

    1. Glass 1.1mm think
    2. Film type: Non_glare
    3. Total thk:1.35+- 0.15mm
    4. Linearity:+- 1.5 or less
    5. Transmittance:80% or more

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