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Thread: OS and Remote Questions

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    OS and Remote Questions

    Hey all,

    So I have come to a cross roads and need some advice. I am not a total newbie to this stuff, but haven't worked with it in a few years and feel behind on the latest and greatest. I already have the PC ready to go hardware-wise. Now I just need to decide on an OS and a remote control option. Here is what I have decided on so far:

    - I don't want to use a wireless remote (not looking to spend that much)
    - I should have a palm pilot at my disposal if needed
    - not looking to spend a ton of cash if possible

    I looked at this software:, which is nice because it is DOS based so it will load fast and can be just shut off instead of waiting for the shutdown of windows or linux. But I liked the idea of using a palm pilot to remote control the system (assuming winamp is installed) too.

    My PC is 500MHz, 256MB RAM, and a 40GB hard drive mini pc. There are USB ports, but no serial ports, parallel ports, or extra power connectors.

    So I need something that doesn't require a lot on the hardware side, and can have some kind of remote setup. I also liked the palm pilot idea because that could act as the lcd screen as well. Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!!

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    my $0.02:
    dont skimp on a remote setup. $100 towards girder + dedicated remote will go a long way toward your overall satisfaction. sorry, i dont have much else besides that.

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    there are programs out there that will let you control the pc with ur palm, theres a few threads on this forum somewhere that basically explain how to do it, mind you i cant recall which threads +_+

    just search for pocketpc or pda

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