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Thread: XM Radio Question

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    XM Radio Question

    Hello this whole xm thing is very new to me so I did some searching but everything is neither here or there and all over the place. I came up with 2 solutions to get xm on a car computer, xm direct with serial or usb connector, and xmpcr. Which is better? I know xmpcr is no longer sold, but can still find em on ebay and all that. I just want something that is more compatible and will work with road runner or most any car app. Can anyone help a newb out.


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    I am pretty sure there is more compatibility for the XM Direct with all of the front ends.
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    i think its basically the same thing... I believe you have to send a 'magic code' to the XM direct box to interpret XMPCR commands, which the XM capable front ends already do.
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