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Thread: Pioneer (IP-BUS) stereo CAR2PC interface to a Car PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by khmann002 View Post
    I would love to get my hands on one of these to test or buy let me know!
    Go to jbors website...its in his signature.

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    any ideas when/if this might be ready for release? i'm in the UK and would love one for the system i'm building at the moment.

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    I will put it on site in couple of days.
    Car pc integration with ease
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    Hi There

    Just a few questions about the Car2PC for pioneer HU's

    1)Will this work with a KEH-P9700 HU
    2)On your website you refer to for European purchases. I went on their site but they don't have it listed.
    3)When watching a video on my screen will the sound still play through my stereo
    4)Last question i promise. How is volume adjusted. Is it through the HU or through the touchscreen TFT. Reason i ask is i would like to keep the functionality of the HU e.g. DSP etc
    Many thanks in advance


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    I have not found anything mentioning the use of XM ready HU with the XM Direct connected. I believe the HU were designed to be able to use both the cd changer and the XM tuner. So, how is the IP-BUS pass through provided to connect both the PC and XM tuner?
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    Wow, so this would eliminate the need for my IP-bus to 8mm jack from the HU to the computer? I could use this to get my music from the puter to the HU? AND get control of the songs via the HU? Would it work on my Premier DEH-680?

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    This adapter has a USB to for communicating with the HU-Computer...but still uses a 1/8 audio jack to get audio from the computer...and the cord was a bit short for my needs.

    As far as controlling the music from the HU, yes, very much so. I found the most interesting feature is, when you turn of the HU...for example turn the key off...the computer pauses the song...when you turn the HU back on...the song starts where it left off.

    Off the top of my head I don't remember which HU I have...but have posted it somewhere.

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    First off...nice work on this one. It's about time someone came up with a better sollution to this problem.

    Second...for those of us who have already gone the route of Tablet PC with full touchscreen displays is there any additional benifit to this setup? I'll admit, being able to control my PC media through my HU would be nice....but since I'm already controling the ECU in my car with my PC, it's not really that big of a deal to switch windows to my media player.

    Out of curriousity, has anyone developed a better sollution to the headphone jack output? I understand there is a USB connection somewhere in the mix with this deal to open a line of conversation between the HU and PC...does it include sound? That alone will push me over the edge of conveinience....I do like my sound to be pretty....and powerful.

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