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Thread: External USB devices to car USB interfaces

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    Question External USB devices to car USB interfaces

    Here's the story, my project is getting an 80 gig harddrive to stream music through a touch screen dvd player through a usb port. I have also purchased an additional inverter that I have found necessary to supply this thing with sufficient power. Another feature I want available is the ability to sort through my music files and folders just as I would on an original pc. Can someone give any good advice and websites on good audio units(preferably touch screen dvd units), and how I should go about this task

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    i dont think you will be able to do that with a DVD system. If you want to be able to sort your files at least acurately I would suggest just putting in a computer. It will be cheaper and easier. You can put in a simple DVD playing system with a 7inch Lilli for under the price of what you want to buy.
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