My Lilliput touch screen 710 (correct model as best I can tell from the other pictures posted around the site, not positive since I bought it used from a member and there's no label on the freakin thing.) had this My solution to Auto Power ON Lilliput screen mod done to it. The only deviation from the mod is that the resistor on the PCB was not removed.

It powered on OK with 12v+ on the workbench but none of the front panel buttons functioned. All else was fine.

Like a dummy I cut the cap and the resistor wires, hoping to return it to full functionality, but now the little bastard won't power on at all.

I'm about to go out and buy an appropriate soldering iron to repair it, but can anyone tell me why none of the front panel buttons work with this mod? Or has something else been done to it?

Last, I have no remote so if the solution is the config utility via remote that is out of the question for me, at least for right now.

It would be nice to have it power on automatically with 12v to the unit, AND have the panel buttons work.

THANKS for any help anyone can provide!

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