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Thread: VNC2Go control via bluetooth

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    VNC2Go control via bluetooth

    Hey people. I wanted to know if anyody's tryied to install VNC2Go on there mobile phone and used it to control a car pc via bluetooth?

    Is it possible? I got a brand new sony ericsson mobile phone that I could possibly setup to control the car pc. Maybe set up a small winamp window or something at least to control the music play, stop etc..

    Any ideas?
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    your sony phone should be able to control your pc out of the box if its a newer model. If all you want to do is play,pause etc stuff you should be able to do this no problem. There are apps avail also to do more complex control, like mouse movement, run programs and even browse dir on the pc from the phone.
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    Does this mean I could use my Nokia 6260 to control Winamp on my PC via bluetooth?

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    Remote control!

    Quote Originally Posted by Un_discovered View Post
    Does this mean I could use my Nokia 6260 to control Winamp on my PC via bluetooth?
    Control Freak (only for Nokia s60 phones)
    Salling Clicker, available for Win/Mac

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